This plugin enables to translate customer portal texts to user profile language set up on Jira Service Desk Customer Portal administration page.

Some of the texts that the project administrator introduces on Jira Service Portal request configuration page are written on its own language. So you have to create a SEPARATE portal for each 

  • Create a JSON file with this content: a key representing the text to translate, and on the right side text translated 

  • User have to select on its profile the desired language, so Atlassian Jira Service Desk will translate some of the portal texts, but this APP will change dynamically texts to user profile settings.


Once plugin is installed, you have to put on your JIRA_HOME folder a file with this file name pattern: i18n-engine-LANGUAGE-CODE.json (i.e. i18n-engine-ES.json,  i18n-engine-PT.json, ... )

File is read *ONLY* when changes have been detected.


Jira application home directory is the folder setup on this configuration file: <jira-application-dir>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/jira-application.properties

Note: We are working on an administration page. 

File content

Translations have to be done ALWAYS from the language set as DEFAULT LANGUAGE on the Jira instance.

Sample for a Spanish file (filename: i18n-engine-ES.json )

{ "Computer support":"Soporte a equipamiento informático", "If you have problems with your laptop, let us know here","Si tiene problemas con su computadora portátil, infórmenos aquí" }